How influencer marketing drives sales

A notable shift in recent years has been consumers’ tendency to move beyond the classic purchasing funnel – with awareness making up the largest part, then narrowing through interest and consideration to end at action, ideally a purchase, followed by loyalty.

Mum’s the word

Allmumstalk creator, Aly offers tips on becoming an influencer and explains how a decision to stay at home with her children opened up a new social media career.

Micro-influencers vs Macro-Influencers

If your business is seeking engagement and conversions, it may be time to consider working with micro-influencers – the more approachable face of influencer partnerships.


InfluBase is a full service influencer marketing agency based in Covent Garden London. We build and maintain our own talent pool of micro-influencers who are pre-qualified to work with a range of brands in many sectors. 


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