CREATOR Q & A | 17TH MAY 2019

@thatlittleoutfit shares her story & tips

Interview by KATHRYN CANE

Q1: How did you become a creator?

I started by posting photos of my daughter’s OOTD and different children’s clothing I’d made for my That Little Outfit page and it escalated from there really!

Q2: What inspires your posts?

My children are, without a doubt, the biggest inspiration behind each post – both my Instagram and blog are parenting based so the posts are always something to do with mum life! And, of course, being able to earn money from home so I can spend more time with them is the driving force behind That Little Outfit.

Q3: What has been your biggest challenge as a creator?

Trying to make my page as authentic as possible was definitely a challenge. In the early days I got caught up trying to post what I thought I should be posting, saying the things I thought I should be saying but now I just go with it. I keep it real and true to my family and it seems to be paying off!

Q4: And your biggest achievement?

With a background in teaching, working with the Department for Education was a huge achievement for me. I loved being able to use my professional experience, combined with content creating to support their campaign.

Q5: What would be your advice to anyone wanting to become a creator?

Spend time on your photos, experiment and see what works for you. Be social on social media to build up a following and generate engagement and overall, have fun!

 Q6: Your fave Instagram filter?

I tend to use VSCO for my filters (S2 is a personal favourite) but I do love a bit of Juno on Instagram too!

Q7: Your fave Instagrammers?

Ooo, so many! I follow such a varied bunch on Instagram but @itsmotherland and @me_and_orla are my absolute favourites for content creation inspiration!

Q8: Which camera/lighting techniques do you use?

Natural light as much as possible and usually I shoot on my iPhone 8 but do also have an entry level DSLR which takes much better photos – it’s just a pain to carry around when I’m running after two small people!

Q9: What’s your hashtag strategy?

I always use the tag #thatlittleoutfit so I have the link with my page and then tend to add in 10-15 more appropriate ones, some big and some small.

Q10: The best thing about being a creator is…

Being able to have a creative outlet that is fun and that I can involve my children in.

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