CREATOR Q & A | 29th NOVEMBER 2019

@mumforce shares her story and tips

Interview by KATHRYN CANE

Q1: How did you become a creator?

I know this is cliché but it kinda just happened. I started Instagram to go along with my blog,, so I could have an instant connection with my readers and be able to interact with them, and it grew from there. I don’t do many ads, but if brands reach out to me and it’s a fit I will happily work with them.

Q2: What inspires your posts?

I like to show my every day, my thoughts, feelings and general family life. I really love beautiful candid shots, unusual angles and (controversially) presets/filters. They add depth and atmosphere to my posts I feel. I also love honest captions; if my pictures look like they don’t tell the whole story I make sure my captions do.

Q3: What has been your biggest challenge as a creator?

Comparing myself to others. There is so much talent out there, so I try really hard not to doubt myself and keeping doing what I love.

Q4: And your biggest achievement?

I am a regular contributor on BBC Scotland and BBC Radio Scotland because of my blog and social media. It’s been great fun and has opened up so many opportunities for me. I have met and worked with people I have watched on the TV for years – it’s all a bit surreal to be honest!

Q5: What would be your advice to anyone wanting to become a creator?

Just do your thing, take pictures and be yourself. Believe me, you will be much happier if you are honest with yourself. Also, don’t get consumed by the numbers – it’s easily done but in the end it doesn’t matter that much.

Q6: Your fave Instagram filter?

I don’t have one – I use one that I created myself.

Q7: Your fave Instagrammers?

SO many! I love Yasmine Camilla, we have been insta-pals for a while now. @HeySantena for her ‘realness’ and humour and @honestkirsty for her brutally honest views on mental health (Warning though – she loves to swear!)

Q8: Which camera/lighting techniques do you use?

I have a very basis iPhone 7 so I tend to take my pictures using my camera which is a Panasonic Luminx G6. It’s easy to use and has taken some great shots. I love the wifi function on it which means I can snap and post without a laptop. I also have a tripod that I take every where. I get some funny looks when I pull it out but I don’t have an “insta husband” on hand to take pics and my daughter isn’t very good with the camera yet…she will learn though, ha!

Q9: What’s your hashtag strategy?

I use Pinterest a lot and there are some great posts with recommendations on there.

Q10: The best thing about being a creator is…

Creative freedom, fun experiences and the fab network of creators I have met along the way.

Thanks so much Gail – check out her fabulous content here.


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