What makes InfluBase different to other influencer agencies?

We specialise in prequalified micro-influencers, guaranteeing higher engagement and ROI for client campaigns, and our combined database & software gives us access to millions of micro-influencers across the world, in any sector — so we deliver campaign-ready influencers that are highly targeted to your brief.


What qualifies a micro-influencer — and why do you specialise in them?

We define ‘micro’ as having between 1k-50k followers on Instagram. Using a combination of AI and human input, we audit our network, ensuring you genuine talent with real, relevant followers. Matched well, micro-influencers can have 7 times the engagement rate on Instagram as influencers with larger audiences — and we think that’s pretty amazing.

Do you just work on Instagram?

No. Our discovery tool predominantly scans Instagram, but depending on your brief, we can cross-check searches and provide influencers with followings across any social platform.

How quickly can I get a campaign live?

Very! Depending on your brief, the discovery and outreach phases can be completed within a week. Once influencers are secured, they work quickly — you’ll be sent post previews for factual approval, but once you’re happy, posts can be published instantly.

Can you guarantee results?

Yes. Reach and engagement can be guaranteed upfront, as we can ensure the discovery and outreach phases are targeted to the right influencers for your brand KPIs.

I’m an influencer — how do I sign-up, and what do I get?

Fab — if you have between 1k–50k followers on Instagram, go to our sign-up page, and fill in your details. Once verified, you’ll be added to our database — which means you get regular updates and marketing insights from us, plus hear about potential brand opportunities first. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too, we share loads of news and tips with creators every day!

I’m a marketeer — how can you help me?

We can offer you a discovery-only service to find authentic, credible influencers; or we can provide the full service — Discovery, Campaign Management & Measurement. We also offer a an amplified UGC option.

What’s an amplified UGC option?

Get in touch and we’ll let you know. It’s very cool!

What’s your favourite dance move?

The caterpillar. Though not entirely sure that’s relevant…


InfluBase is a micro influencer agency based in Soho, London. We bring creators and marketeers together to create powerful partnerships. 

InfluBase is a division of ContentStars Ltd.


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