how we work



Using AI Tech

Using a mixture of AI and human search we search InfluBase for profiles that match, including from our own verified database and from a wider search on Instagram using our proprietary software

Match Personas

We take a brief from you on your target influencer — their profile/persona, age, sex, location, interests

6 test profiles

We send you 6 anonymised profiles to check for profile accuracy.

Extend Search

Once the profiles are agreed we run a further search to find further micro-influencers that match that criteria — (this could be anything between 100 and a 1000 micro-influencers with a combined reach of anywhere between 100,000 and 50,000,000 followers.)


Select Influencer

We discuss the offer to micro-influencers and budget.
We agree how many influencers should be involved in the campaign.


We conduct outreach to influencers to agree their participation.

Creative Brief

A creative brief and contract is sent to influencers for signature.

Daily reports

Client is sent a daily report on posts made, including images and engagement levels.

Photos / Videos

The photos and videos used in the campaign are sent to the client for their own use.


Final report

A final report is sent that shows all posts made, overall reach and engagement figures, as well as details of individual posts.

ROI calculated

Additional ROI criteria are also reported on, e.g., links clicked, sales achieved.

Refine approach

Based on results and learnings from the initial campaign, plans for a roll-out of on-going activity are discussed.

InfluBase is a micro influencer agency based in Wardour St. London with more than 15 years experience in both B2B & B2C marketing.


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