Case Study:

Reading Eggs
Case Study

Reading Eggs is an online reading programme that helps children aged 2-13 learn to read with a variety of fun lessons and phonics games.

Having saturated their core market of mummy bloggers with extensive influencer marketing activity in the past, they wanted to work with an agency who would help them to uncover new influencers and followers. Reading Eggs were keen to keep campaign management in-house – so wanted an agency who would provide a discovery-only service, securing and paying for influencers to take part in their Back To School 2019 campaign.


Identify new target audiences to reach influencers who are within the target demographic whilst minimising crossover. Recruit 15 micro-influencers with children 2-5 years old who haven’t already been targeted to work through the programme with their child and provide an honest review of their experiences. Ultimately encourage new trials and sign-ups.


We identified 3 key personas and hashtags that weren’t already being targeted:

1. The Parent – new parent influencers (both mum and dad) looking for advice and shared experiences #mumlife #dadlife #toddlersofinstagram 

2. The Home-Schooler – the alternative families choosing to teach their children from home or during travels #homeschoollife #travelwithkids #mumbloguk

3. The Authority – independent people with a passion for children’s education and growth #ukteachersofig #iteach #learningthroughplay



We sourced a long-list of 75+ micro-influencers across all 3 target personas for the client to choose from, to short-list and recruit 15 x UK influencers with a combined reach of over 500,000.

By identifying new target markets, we minimised audience crossover, ensuring Reading Eggs could maximise potential reach, and promote sign-ups and trials to new people who hadn’t been targeted before.

Through out-sourcing, discovery and influencer outreach, the client was able to focus on other marketing objectives, whilst still maintaining creative control and forging new, long-term influencer relationships.

With unique UTM links used for each influencer, the client was able to track individual performance, with a view to working with those who gave best results for future activity.

“InfluBase were really helpful with achieving our goals – working with the right influencers in an authentic and honest way. The process was clear and efficient, and the team are great to work with.”

Stephanie Stallwood, Marketing Manager, Reading Eggs


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