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We manage all aspects of an influencer campaign, from discovery, outreach and campaign management, through to reports and measurement.

influencer discovery

 Our verified database and proprietary software gives us access to millions of pre-qualified micro-influencers across the world.


Our PM team manage all aspects of influencer liaison, including negotiations, contracts, creative briefings and content approvals.

campaign delivery

We’ll produce a timeline at the beginning of the project to ensure we’re hitting your key milestones.

video production

We offer clients the ability to elevate and enhance influencer content without compromising credibility, by working with our award-winning videography team.

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Once KPI’s are established, we’ll deliver customised campaign reports to record the metrics that qualify your goals, and we’ll continue to optimise throughout to hit your objectives.


Beyond organic reach, we can further distribute campaign content through highly-targeted boosting to generate impressions and spread messages.


InfluBase is a micro influencer agency based in Soho, London. We bring creators and marketeers together to create powerful partnerships. 

InfluBase is a division of ContentStars Ltd.


Royalty House, 72 – 74 Dean Street, London W1D 3SG

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